Indispensable: 5 Major Industries That Depend On Bags

While there are many different industries in our wonderfully diverse world, there is one thing that almost all have in common: they all make mess. Where there are people involved, there is waste. Where there are projects and products, there are things that need bagging, binning, tidying or transporting. If you look around you, everything that isn’t of the natural world that you can see has been created, produced and fit for purpose. Bags and sacks are no exception, and they have been specially crafted, tested and produced to fit many roles.

Construction sites use a lot of bags.

Although we might take them for granted, there are many industries that depend on the craftsmanship and quality of sacks and bags in order for them to fulfil their own roles successfully. A seemingly small part to play has an incredible impact. Here are 5 industries to which sacks and bags are absolutely indispensable.


The construction industry accounts for and manages billions of tons of building materials and waste every year. When it comes to transport and disposal, they have very specialist requirements when it comes to the sacks and bags they need. While we might get away in our homes with thin bin liners, if you tried to fill a household black bin bag with bricks, rubble or metal parts then your success is likely to be limited.

The construction industry depends on sacks that are specially created to resist wear and tear. Although they might not be used again and again, these bags are thick, strong and their special polymer selection means that they won’t stretch or rip, even with extreme weight inside. They also need to be able to resist the conditions that the construction industry might have them in. Sacks and bags might be left in extreme cold, wet, heat or dry dusty conditions for extended periods of time. They are some of the toughest types of sacks available commercially, and are tough enough for the job. They’re also great for domestic use in situations where renovation, heavy waste disposal, or even garden refuse needs to be handled.

These sacks and bags are often ’500 gauge’, which indicates their thickness and strength. They can, on average, handle weights of up to an impressive 40kg. 1000 gauge material is available too, and can be used for concrete flooring. The heavy duty sacks are generally available in black, but can also come in green so that their contents can be managed and separated in case there are natural or recyclable materials inside. The construction industry wouldn’t go far without these brilliant bags.

Hotels & Leisure

The hotel and leisure industry is all about keeping up appearances. Having the highest standards in hygiene, services and hospitality is what set a business apart and puts them on the map. Each and every hotel and leisure facility has to make sure that they are operating in the highest standard for their customer satisfaction. There are so many different areas to consider when you think about all the jobs involved, but bags play a vital role in these industries too.

Hotels have a big use of bags.

The most obvious, first part is waste disposal. With literally billions of visits globally each year to hotels and leisure facilities, there are countless times that the bins have to be emptied, waste from bathrooms, hotel rooms, kitchens and dining areas needs to be gotten rid of. Not all of the waste can be simply put in a normal bin liner and thrown away. Special bags are selected for certain roles, particularly for food waste or human waste, and put into certain containers for disposal. These industries are heavily monitored and scrutinised in order to make sure that their disposal is up to standard, and the hygienic properties of certain bags in this line of work makes sure that they meet those standards.

HD clear compactor bags are often used so that the contents can be identified if they contain sheets for washing, for example. If waste and hotel laundry went in the same bags, then they may well be thrown away together, along with the hotel profits!

‘Wheelie’ bin liners are usually about 120 gauge, and these are widely used in the hotel and leisure industries for their versatility, strength and general use.

Educational Institutions

In much of the same manner, hygiene and waste disposal is incredible important at schools and universities. Just like the hotel and leisure industries, dedicated teams of cleaning and maintenance staff take care of the premises, and get rid of the waste caused by hundreds and thousands of people that have been on site every day. When you’re dealing with that many bodies, subjects and areas of study, there are a lot of different bags for a lot of different jobs! It could be said that schools and universities reflect a small part of each of our sections in this article. There are elements of construction, workshop environments where heavy duty bags and plastic sheet materials are needed to separate safe zones, as well as sciences, arts, food, health and retail.

Bags are being used more and more.

While there are lots of microenvironments in an educational institution, the majority of the need for sacks and bags in educational institutions is primarily for the waste, and there has been a heightened focus on campuses going green. Biodegradable refuse sacks are available and highly sought after by an increasing number of schools and universities around the UK, and all over the world.

Since universities sometimes specialise in sciences, they may also need bags that are suited to scientific purposes, experiments and samples, much like the practises in our next section…

Health & Dental Practises

The needs of a health or dental practise are very unique compared to other industries. Their sacks aren’t just about holding a certain weight, capacity, or the capability of their strength, but they’re much more about what they contain. In hospitals and dental practises there are many objects that need to be properly sealed from the outside environment, kept sterile, or safe from contamination. The most common type of bag in these industries is the clear, self-sealing plastic bag. The 200g weight/gauge means that they can comfortably hold anything that is inside their relatively small capacity, but more importantly they have the air-tight capability that the industry depends on for safety.

Dental practices use a surprising amount of bags.

As well as keeping an airlock for the contents, these bags also have an optional number of white stripes on the front that can be written on. Doctors, nurses and dentists always need to be able to quickly identify the contents of any bag in their practise, and labelling plays a vital role in their efficiency and safety.

Finally, special ‘specimen’ bags have self-sealing and white stripes for writing on, but also have an additional pouch on the front of the bag for documentation to be stored in. When you’re dealing with a sample, a drug, or any specimen, the documentation that it corresponds with is instrumental in storing it, administering it or even using it to save someone’s life! Something as simple as a storage pouch for this documentation on the same bag as the specimen means these bags are indeed indispensable to the health and dental industries.

Retail & Restaurants

Finally, Retail and restaurants deal with bags all day, every day. Some recycle-savvy people today have their own collection of plastic bags to re-use from simply saving them from the retail venues that they visit. Billions of plastic bags are used every day, and the retail industry (especially the supermarket and shopping industries) would be nowhere without the modest ‘vest style’ carrier bag. Super thin, but super strong, these carrier bags are now increasing in their biodegradable number to combat the high volume of waste that they account for. Available in a variety of colours, with different prints and patterns that can be added, this versatile bag is seen in megastores, and small grocery shops.

Wasting of bags is becoming a big issue.

In terms of restaurants, the bags are used in waste disposal, but a specific type of bag helps keep your experience hygienic behind the scenes, in the kitchen. The special ‘pedal bin’ liner means that your chefs and waiters do not need to touch the bin when they are disposing of something, keeping their hands and your dining experience clean and safe. In all of our industries, there is a bag that does its job humbly, enabling the world of business to keep turning every day.

Image credits: Compujeray, Gonmi, Bestlibrarian, Aine D and Senfwurst

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