Why Outsourcing Your Mail Fulfilment Makes Great Business Sense


For those of you that mightn’t be completely aware what the phrase “mail fulfilment” really means, allows us to quickly explain. A mail fulfilment company would handle all of companies direct mailing activities. Whether, you wish to mail packages to customers worldwide or sent a targeted direct mail to potential clients, a mail fulfilment company can manage and implement these activities. Outsourcing your mail fulfilment can make great business sense.

Save on Postage & International Delivery costs

A mail fulfilment company will have special contracts with postal services and international couriers due to the volume of packages and mail they send on a regular basis. This allows them to avail of the best prices for these services, which are passed onto their customers. A business could not simply avail of such low prices with any contract themselves with couriers or postal services as they could not offer the volume required.

Outsourcing your postage is a good idea.

Save on Packaging & Stationary

Similar to the contracts a mail fulfilment would hold with postage and courier companies, they would also hold similar contracts with packaging manufacturers. They can secure packaging materials to use for your mail fulfilment at a much lower cost than you could ever avail of yourself as a singular enterprise.

Eliminates the Need for Packing Space in Your Business Premises

If you conduct mail fulfilment activities in house, you have to allocate space in your premises for storing packaging and mailing supplies. You will also have to designate an area for a team of staff to package and prepare each mailing in a safe and efficient manner. This can mean that you have to acquire a far bigger premises to operate your business from, which will result in higher rental costs.

No Need to Worry About Mailing Management

Mailings can take a lot of time and management to conduct. Someone will have to be responsible for ensuring that staff are packaging and labelling all items correctly as well as logging all outgoing mailings. When you hire a mail fulfilment company, you put your mailing activities into the hands of experts. There is no need to worry about time, management or efficiency as this responsiblity is transferred into their capable hands. Mail fulfilment becomes a much less stressful process when put in the hands of a mail fulfilment company and is no longer a “headache” for business owners.

Outsourcing your mail will increase efficiency.

Faster Turnaround

Mail fulfilment companies aim to ensure that mailings as dispatched as soon as possible. If you require mailings to be delivered in a 24 hour period, this will not be a problem. They are contracted to ensure that mailings are delivered on time, every time.

Many companies may even offer emergency delivery services whereby you can request for an item to be picked up and delivered at any time of the day. By outsourcing your mail fulfilment you may be able to offer a quicker delivery time to customers. It’s highly advisable to outsource to a mail fulfilment company with local premises to you, complete a search online for your area, e.g. “Direct Mail in Birmingham” and a list of companies will appear.

A quicker delivery time can prove a much more atrractive feature to customers, and can in turn offer your business competitive advantage. A quicker turnaround time also can result in a quicker response rate to direct mailings. Therefore, a direct mailing campaign can be used as an effective means of a flash marketing campaign.


Outsourcing mail fulfilment reduces stress and workload for business managers. It can lead to a more cost-effective, efficent service that can result in gaining a competitive edge for your business. It can also reduce overheads by eliminating the need for packaging storage space and mailing areas. The fact that you can avail of exclusive postage and packaging rates is a major advantage too. With all those benefits in mind, outsourcing your mail fulfilment certainly makes great business sense.

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